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Why Analyze Your Donor Data?

Charitable organizations that analyze their donor data and measure progress thrive. Simply put, your development plan is more likely to succeed if it is built upon data. Business leaders know what can be measured can be improved. This same principle applies to charitable organizations.

DonorWize is an in-depth analysis of your donor data that puts at your disposal analysis that reveals your donors’ trends and behavior down to the greatest detail.  DonorWize provides a detailed picture of fundraising gains and losses in an easy to read format for executive leadership, board members, and fundraising staff.  Lead with data.  Be DonorWize.

6 Reasons Why You Need to Be DonorWize

Gain Insight Into Donor Behavior

Your custom DonorWize analysis contains tables, charts, and analysis to give you the power to make informed decisions based on your donor behavior. At each pricing level you will receive the following analysis:

Fundraising Overview

Fundraising Overview provides a big picture view of total donor activity as it compares donor count and donation totals by months and years.

Donor counts  •  Gift counts  •  Gift frequency  •  Donor Segmentation

Donor Gains

Donor Gains totals new donors and donations, upgrade donors, and new donor retention rate.

New donors  •  New donor retention rate  •  Upgrade donors

Donor Losses

Donor Losses totals lapsed donors, lapsed donation value, downgrade donors, and attrition rate.

Lapsed donors  •  Attrition rate  •  Downgrade donors

Churn Rate

Churn Rate measures whether donor or donations are growing or contracting and the resulting net gains or losses.

Donor churn rate  •  Donation churn rate


Return on Investment calculates the value of funds raised for each dollar spent on fundraising activity.

Fundraising ROI analysis per year

Lifetime Value

Donor Lifetime Value calculates the expected value of a donor over his or her lifetime. Lifetime Value is calculated based on seven different giving ranges.

Donor lifetime value calculations

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary provides a one page overview of all the key metrics found throughout the DonorWise report.

Summary of all key calculations

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A Wealth of Information for a Small Price


  • 1,000 total records
  • 3 years of data


  • 2,500 total records
  • 4 years of data


  • 5,000 total records
  • 4 years of data


  • 10,000 total records
  • 4 years of data

What are your donors telling you?

It’s time to find out. Purchase DonorWize today.

Questions You May Have

How do I need to prepare my data?2019-07-31T13:17:57-05:00

The data required for this report should be simple to obtain, especially if you use donor management software.  We ask for the data to be prepared as follows:

  • A unique account number assigned to each donor that remains with them from year to year.

  • One row per gift. For example, Jane Smith made five gifts to your organization in 2018. When you export your data, there will be five rows of data, one row for each gift.

  • Please provide your data in an Excel file.

What information do you need to create my DonorWize report?2019-09-17T16:58:17-05:00

You only need to provide four columns of information. That’s it!
Unique donor account number, date of gift, donor type, and amount.  Your system may label these fields differently when you export your data—that’s not a problem.

Account number: unique number assigned to each donor that remains with them from year to year.

Date of gift: the date that records when the gift was received. We ask the date field formatted in date/month/year format: 00/00/0000 example: 10/18/2018.

Donor type: examples: individuals, businesses, foundations, churches, etc.

Amount: amount of each gift (not total sum of gifts for a year).

Example of how data will look:


What information should not be included with my data?2019-09-17T17:03:02-05:00

This report is meant to analyze donations of cash (whether by cash, check, or online), and donations that can be turned into cash such as donated cars, land, stocks and bonds. Please do not include the value of other types of gifts such as in-kind gifts or volunteer time.

Also leave out any donations that were obtained by a donor purchase—such a thrift store purchase, or payment for a ticket to participate at an event (such as a race). You may have a donor who bought a ticket for an event (that transaction is excluded) but also made a gift during the year (that transaction is included). You may have an individual who only bought a ticket for a race, but has not made any outright gifts. Since our goal is to focus on donor behavior, this individual will be excluded in your analysis.

Please do not include any donor names or contact information such as address, phone, or email. This information is not needed to create your DonorWize analysis.

How will I know if my data is accurate?2019-07-31T13:35:15-05:00

The accuracy of your report is based on the accuracy of the information provided. Please take the time to review and confirm your data is accurate. Once we receive your data, we will spot check a few key metrics and ask you to confirm these totals. Once your confirmation is received, we can proceed with your data analysis.

How can I send my data to you?2019-09-17T16:58:58-05:00

Please email your file, in Excel format, to donorwize@npexcellencegroup.com

What if I need help formatting my data?2019-07-31T13:37:29-05:00

Please contact us for a quote to assist you in formatting your data.

Can I update my DonorWize report going forward?2019-09-17T16:59:39-05:00

Keeping your DonorWize analysis updated each year will give you the opportunity to see developing trends within your donor base. We will send you a year-end notice each year to give you the opportunity to keep your DonorWize analysis updated with your most recent data.

How will I receive my DonorWize analysis?2019-09-17T17:00:13-05:00

Your DonorWize report will emailed to you in .pdf format.

Is someone from your team available to walk us through the report?2019-09-17T17:00:53-05:00

Please contact us if you are interested in a quote to have one of our consultants review your DonorWize analysis by phone.

Are you available for an onsite consulting visit?2019-09-17T17:01:28-05:00

Yes. We provide onsite fundraising and marketing strategy meetings to help you craft a more targeted and cost-effective annual campaign based on your DonorWize report findings. Please call us to discuss your specific needs.

Have more questions?

Please call 918-698-3354 or email donorwize@npexcellencegroup.com.

“Our DonorWize report has become our go-to resource for our board and leadership meetings. We now know the story behind our donor data and have the right tool to make smarter fundraising decisions. I can’t imagine going back and trying to manage our annual campaign without the information we have through our DonorWize report.”