The donor is the hero.  Please step aside.

You work hard every day to make a difference.  You deeply believe in your cause and are proud of all that you have accomplished the past year.  You should be!  Now the question must be asked, “How do we raise more funds this year?”

The answer, “step-aside” and you will raise more funds.   It’s not natural.  It’s counter-intuitive, but you must try.

you are the broker of their compassion

Donors give at the highest levels of generosity to fulfill their needs first:  To bring an end to an injustice they cannot allow to continue, to give a voice to a cause that must not be silenced, to respond to someone’s need that stirs their deepest compassion.

Let your donors have a direct and clear view of how their gifts make a difference, and they will stay in love with you.  Talk to your donors about the cause they care about and want to support.  Share with them over and over how their voice is being heard through their generosity.  Let them see the lives their gifts have changed. You will feel the warmth of their deepest passion as they respond again and again.  They will give again to you as they give through you.

You magnify their love and passion

You do what your donors want to do, but are not able to do, because of time or resources.  You care for the poor.  You care for the sick and the hurting.  You touch the lives or the projects they deeply care about.  Your donors love you because you magnify their love and passion.

The taller you stand as an organization and talk about your programs, your accomplishments, and how great you are, the less the donors’ hearts can see their true love – the people they want to help, the issues they think about often, the problems that deeply stir their emotions.

As you “stand tall,” you block their view.  Let them have a clear view of why they love to give.  Step aside this year.  Let the donor be the hero.  Show them all their generosity accomplishes and give them the opportunity to give through you for the cause they love.

Step aside this year, and you will raise more funds.

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