Thanking your donor is just the beginning.

We know the proper response after a gift is to thank our donors.  But to win the hearts of our donors, saying thank you is just the beginning.  For your donors to stay in love with you, say thank you AND give them all the credit.

Unfortunately, we often thank our donors as we tell them how great we are.

Our thank you letters read: “Dear donor, thank you for your gift. This year we have provided 20% increase in services through our expanded programs in our new facilities that we…”

This falls way short of giving the donor the credit.  As you communicate back to your donors, as much as possible eliminate words such as “we,” “us,” “our,” and “ours,” These words diminish the possibility of a future generous response. Instead, use the most powerful word available to you as a fundraiser – you.”

We should instead write, “Because of your generosity and your love and care, more people than ever before are getting help.  Friends like you make all the difference.  Thank you!”

The credit belongs to your donors.  Their generosity is what makes it all possible.  As you give them all the credit, your donors will feel like the heroes they truly are, and you’ll inspire them to give again and again.

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