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Who We Are

Since 2012, The Nonprofit Excellence Group has worked with a deep passion to help nonprofits and ministries succeed. Our love for fundraising is showcased in everything we do.

We are fundraising consultants passionate about inspiring generosity in the heart of your donors.

Our Leadership

George has over 25 years of marketing experience and has been a professional fundraiser since 2008. His passion is guiding nonprofits to do better fundraising and make a greater impact.
Maria has over ten years of creative design experience in a nonprofit setting. Her passion is creative work that inspires donors to take action.

We Believe

  • Love your cause.
  • See the greatness of your mission each day.
  • Know more can be done.
  • Are not alone.  We can help.
  • Fresh and creative ideas that work for you.
  • To remind your donors how good it feels to give.
  • To work with a creative agency that understands fundraising.
  • Someone who shares your passion to win the hearts of your donors.
  • Raise the funds you need to fully fund your programs.
  • Touch the hearts of your donors to respond generously.
  • Grow a donor base that will fall and stay in love with you.
  • Reach your goals.
  • Your donors are waiting to be inspired to give again.
  • Your work greatly matters. It’s worth the very best of who we are.
  • There is nothing more powerful than the heart of a donor. It can change the world.
  • In you.